Solr query error : URI Too Long

We were querying Solr to get results based on certain taxonomies subscribed by the user. It was working fine but for certain users Solr was not returning any result. It was strange because those taxonomies had documents indexed in Solr. To troubleshoot further, I checked logs and found below error...Read more

Sitecore Powershell Could not validate access using the provided credentials

I am using Sitecore 10 as container environment. I added Sitecore Powershell module on top of Sitecore base image. You can refer to my question how to add it on Sitecore stackexchange – I logged in as admin user but was getting error – “Could not validate access using provied...Read more

Update Sitecore Rich Text Field’s to Rich Text Full

Sitecore provides four different sets of Rich Text Field editor. The source field value of Rich Text field determines the options available on Rich Text editor. Following could be its source value –1. /sitecore/system/Settings/Html Editor Profiles/Rich Text Full2. /sitecore/system/Settings/Html Editor Profiles/Rich Text Default3. /sitecore/system/Settings/Html Editor Profiles/Rich Text IDE4. /sitecore/system/Settings/Html Editor...Read more

Sitecore Session Timeout

I had to update session timeout from 15mins to 30mins. To understand different sessions timeout being managed by Sitecore, blog- helped me to understand it in detail. I updated all the configuration as per this blog , however still on CD server , it was getting timeout in 15mins. Setting...Read more

List of Pages where specific component is used

To get the list of pages or items in Sitecore where one specific component or rendering was used. Those who are familiar with Sitecore knows that it can be found by selecting the rendering and then Links option under Navigation tab, provides the list of item referred by selected rendering....Read more

Sitecore Indexing manager is not showing indexes

My old instance was using solr-5.5.1, I was able to connect using http://localhost:8983/solr. However I installed solr-6.6.2 for my new instance and I could not connect to it over http that is the reason indexes were not appearing in Indexing Manager. I planned to configure solr connection over https using...Read more

Clean up folder from Sitecore server

On production server, one folder was taking too much space. On further investigation , it was found that on downloading any pdf file from the site, it was keeping a copy of file in downloads folder under website root directory. With time , it started consuming lots of space. If...Read more